Grapes for Fighting Cancer? Little Fruit, Big Promise

Grapes for Fighting Cancer? Little Fruit, Big Promise
20 AUG 2014

What if the answer to cancer was as simple as grapes?

Sounds unbelievable, but the idea that a common, tiny fruit could stop cancer in its tracks is actually very real.

To understand how this is possible, we must first understand how cancer forms and survives. Our bodies contain more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Veins, capillaries and arteries keep us alive by supplying our bodies with the oxygen and nutrients we need to live. When new tissues are formed, new blood vessels are formed to keep them alive. This function of forming new blood vessels is called angiogenesis. While it’s beneficial in some cases, blood vessel formation is also what fuels cancerous cells and tumors.

Normally, the body has the ability to balance angiogenesis so that it makes new blood vessels when it needs to and scales them back as necessary. But once this balance is knocked out of whack, cancer has room to develop because nothing is preventing this abnormal formation of blood vessels that feeds tumors. We all have tumors in our bodies, and the amount of tumors in our bodies increases with age, but they don’t grow and become harmful unless they have a blood supply.

Blocking angiogenesis can effectively prevent cancer and starve cancer that’s already developed. In other words, by cutting off cancer’s fuel, you kill the cancer and even prevent it from forming.

And that’s where the grape comes in. The main component in grapes that works to preserve the balance of angiogenesis is resveratrol, which should be taken in supplement form to provide maximum benefits. Resveratrol is a phytochemical that is found in the skin and seeds of grapes and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. New research shows that resveratrol is a potent treatment for cancer because of its anti-angiogenic properties, and it has even shown some promise as an effective treatment for endometriosis.

What’s more is that there are so many benefits to taking resveratrol supplements in addition to its cancer-fighting abilities. Resveratrol is also a key factor in healthy aging because it promotes increased energy levels, improved heart health, longer lifespan, weight loss and a stronger immune system. Resveratrol activates the production of SIRT1, which is a serum that blocks disease. SIRT1 t has been shown to protect against obesity and diabetes, lower the risk of blood clotting and lower cholesterol.

You may have heard that red wine is a great source of antioxidants. It is also packed with resveratrol, but beware of trying to get the benefits of a supplement from a few glasses of merlot. Alcohol is a toxin and the amount of wine you would have to drink to get the same effects as a supplement is much more than you should be drinking on a daily basis. Similarly, eating the number of grapes you would need to reap the full benefits of resveratrol could prove to be an impractical goal.

Resveratrol is a exciting part of the fight against cancer with a ton of potential for treating and preventing many other diseases. Incorporate it into your daily diet for a great way to achieve healthy aging.

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