Our Mission

Our Mission
At Wellcare Medical Clinic, we believe in providing medical services that foster a partnership relationship with our patients in achieving a healthy balance and sense of well being. We practice this belief by creating an overall lifestyle care with special emphasize on preventive care by combining up to date evidence based preventive care guidelines and holistic care regiment such as weight management with individualized guidance on exercise, diet and for occasional short term use of weight loss medication to achieve a long lasting life style changes.
Care Philosophy
  • Practice evidence based preventive medical care with a holistic view.
  • Focused on Lifestyle Management with weight loss by proper diet and exercise recommendations rather than solely rely on pharmacological means (i.e. medications) to achieve the reduction of metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors- Obesity/ Hypertension/ High Cholesterol/ Diabetes.
  • Incorporating clinical proven osteopathic manipulation and acupressure (i.e. pressure point deep massage) techniques to reduce acute and chronic pain resulting in physical and psychological stress reduction.
  • Combining up-to-date medical guidelines with evidence based pertinent supplements such as probiotics to strengthen immune system and reduce metabolic, and cancer risks.
  • Discussed different stress reduction techniques such as Meditation/ Mindful Stress Reduction/ Breathing Exercise to combat often inevitable modern day stress which has shown to cause psychological - Anxiety/ Depression; psychosomatic disorders- Irritable Bowel/ Fibromylagia/ Chronic Fatigue; as well as organic diseases - chronic infections and cancers due to immuo-supression effect by excess stress.
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